21 Epic Groomsmen Gifts


It seems that when it comes to guys a simple and classic groomsmen gift will never disappoint. Men are always happy with simple things, the basics seem to always do the job. This shouldn’t stop you from getting just a little bit creative when choosing and picking out your presents for your groomsmen. With men there is only one question – will they use it? If the answer is yes then you have the green light!

Your groomsmen have been with you through thick and thin, and now they’re planning the bachelor party, preparing toasts, and standing up with you as you exchange vows. They do it all without being asked twice. Why? Because they love you – even if they have silly ways of showing it. Now it is your turn to show your love!

Honor their humor and support with a token of thanks in the form of groomsmen gifts. These groomsmen gift ideas range from practical to funny, but trust us they will love them! These gifts obviously vary and differ from group to group but there is bound to be more than a few gift idea for your buddies.

Tie & Tie Clip

The tie is a classic gift that will be appreciated and will go on to be useful at other events as well. It is statistically proven that most women are attracted to men with ties. You can upgrade and add a tie clip for that extra thank you if you know that your guys would like and wear them. 
It is very popular to personalize the tie clip with a small engraving that has meaning or an inside joke of some sort.



For the elegant gentleman, another classic gift that will never age or go out of style. Need we say more?


Leather Belt

This is a gift that will be greatly received and used by your groomsmen even after your wedding has passed.


Leather Wallet

A gift the needs no explanation what so ever. What man wouldn’t want a wallet? Exactly our point.


Money Clips

Personalized money clips are a great gift as well. They can use them at every event they will have. They don’t take up as much space as a wallet when you are wearing a suit.


Matching Socks

As unusual as this might sound it is a pretty cool gift. Not only will your photos look awesome when you have all your groomsmen sitting down, legs crossed (in a manly way) and there pops a little color on all of their ankles. 
Now let’s say you are all superhero fans, Star Wars fans or any type of fans of something, in particular, you can find socks with the action figure you wish. It would be as if you were Superman, the man with the hidden identity.



Not just women need a little bag. This registered trademark is for men’s toiletry travels. A little trivia; why the name “DOPP” you ask? It was designed by Jerome Harris for his uncle Charles Doppelt, a German immigrant to Chicago in the early 1900s. So it’s presumably an abbreviated form of Mr Doppelt’s family name. 
Your guys need a little space for their things. The design is very masculine and they will love them. You can have these embossed as well.


Shaving Kit

This is a great idea for a gift considering they will be shaving before your wedding. Also if you are having a destination wedding it would be very considerate of you to think of all these little details and they will appreciate the thought more than the gift itself.


Pocket Watch

Nothing says modern-day chivalry like this item. A classic that goes back to a time when grace and elegance were a matter of status. A time when things had value. For the ultimate lover of the “old times”. A bit of the past in the present. Bringing elegance back to 2018.



If the pocket watch is not to your groups likening there is always the classic wristwatch. There is no way you could go wrong with this gift. Nor will you need to get them a second gift as this one will suffice.



They say there isn’t much that can beat a good cigar and a quality drink between men. What other better time could there be to share in the art of tobacco than at your own wedding? Cigars seem to be a rite of passage at big events and you should definitely stalk up on cigars for your buddies.
 You might not like them but you sure will look interesting smoking them all dressed up in your suit. At least they will make for some very interesting photos.



These little alcohol recipients might not be very handy considering that they do not contain a lot of alcohol! However they have been around since the wild west. They make for an interesting gift and they have the power to make you feel like a bad boy. 
These items as well can be engraved and personalized with just about anything. Just like the car trend now a days, matt finish is very popular with the flask as well.


Whiskey Stones

For the gentleman that prefers his bourbon drink cold and not watered down. The drink stays cold and the taste stays the same.


Pocket Knife

A very manly gift to say the least. This little guy serves as an utensil and a weapon, depending on the case. If you and your groomsmen are the type of group that have taken trips in nature together than this is the gift to give. Not only do you know they will find use for it but they will think of you every time they use it. There are numerous model types and they all vary in prices that are very affordable.


Golf Clubs

Depending on the friends you have this gift might be the best one if they are true fans of the game. A very elegant present that can be engraved.


Luxury Poker Set

If you are the type of guys that enjoy the occasional card game then this is a great gift for your groomsmen. Not only will they love it but you will get to all use it together whenever you have a poker night.


Brass Dice Set

This item goes great with the previous one seeing how they are both for those who love games. At least they will have a professional set.


Beer Caddy

Now, this gift applies to a very specific group of friends, the beer lovers. Why carry your six pack like most men when going to your friend’s house for that poker night when you can carry a beer caddy like a pro!


Credit Card Beer Opener

This handy little guy lives up to his name. It is small, thin and just like the title says it fits in your wallet just like any other card you own.


Groomsmen Group Caricature

A gift with a sense of humor. Who wouldn’t love this gift? A great gift to frame and to have and enjoy on your wall (as long as you will be a bachelor).


Groomsmen Movie Poster

This gift is just as great as the group caricature but it applies to the group of guys that are more chic and can relate to movies. This gift is also great to given framed.

There are numerous ideas and the prices all vary to fit all budgets. The main part to get right is to focus on what your groomsmen like and will end up needing and offer them a little piece of that. These gentlemen have been by your side since you probably can’t even remember when. They deserve it. 
Weddings are made up of the moments you have with the people you care for most. Make sure you make the most of your wedding!