28 Emergency Kit Items for your Wedding Day!

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As your wedding day rapidly approaches the chaos seems to always amplify with little situations that require your attention. The small but significant difference between pre-wedding incidents and during-wedding incidents are that during the wedding you have little time and resources to fix most problems.

There is a way to avoid any wedding incidents by preparing beforehand and learning from those who have been through it already. Learn from the mistakes of others.

Try to stay ahead of your wedding day mishaps by putting together an emergency kit that you can keep close at hand throughout your ceremony and reception. There will be numerous people there to help you, so you could entrust your bridesmaid or best man ahead of time to worry about the emergency kit. It isn’t their job to think of everything you might need on your big day so try to help them help you.

All you need to know about the contents of your emergency kit is that these items might be important in handling any incidents or oversights that might emerge on your wedding day. This kit should be in one place so that in the event it might be needed, you will know where its whereabouts can be found. You can’t handle one emergency by misplacing the emergency kit.

As the bride and the groom you already have a lot on your plate on your wedding day so why not prepare? When you prepare for the worse, you can expect the best. Let us handle your wedding emergency kit and help you choose what you might need on your beautiful day. You might end up not needing any of the items from the emergency kit, but why take the risk!

This list covers your contingency supplies that we hope you will not be needing on your wedding day.

1. Your Phone

You might be surprised by this, seeing how in this day and age of rapid social media technology one might forget the modern-day extension of one’s hand, but it can happen. Sure no one might call considering everyone you know and love is at your wedding, but you might end up needing it at one point, maybe you want to take a photo and can’t locate the photographer.

2. Small Bottle Water

As important as staying hydrated might be, most brides don’t drink a lot of water on their wedding day for many different reasons. It always seems as if there just isn’t time for drinking water and when there is time there just seems that water is nowhere in sight. This applies strictly to brides- going to the bathroom in 200 yards of material is just not that easy!

3. Touch-up Make-up

Even though most brides have their make-up professionally done this does not mean that your lipstick will stay in place all night! At weddings, you get congratulated and kissed on the cheek numerous times so you might want your concealer and blush on hand. Powder is a must just in case it is warm or you dance to much and your skin begins to shine more than desired. Make sure the color you have is close to the color your make-up artist used so that you don’t ruin your picture. Also, remember that less is more.

4. Sewing Kit

I can assure you that everyone says they will bring a sewing kit but many forget. DO not forget this; you don’t know what might go wrong with the wedding gown or the groom’s suit. Also include scissors, a button (you never know! And it doesn’t even take up that much space!) and a safety pin.

5. Tweezers

From a stray hair that has gone rogue to splinters (they might say paper cuts are the worse but the pain a splinter can cause comes in a close second place). Have this little helper with you, he won’t even make a sound unless called upon.

6. Baby Powder

Summer weddings are beautiful, offering certain advantages over the other season but a heat wave isn’t the only thing that can make you perspire! Besides hot summer days, there are crowded rooms to take into consideration or even strong emotions that came make you perspire. 
The powder can also help in case your dress becomes unbearable from the beaded bodice that can scratch or chafe your skin. Most women getting married for the first time (and well if you have been a bride for the second time then you can agree with me) might not think about the discomfort of the dress they choose, because it was “too beautiful, and you only get married once”! Just make sure to have some baby powder on hand.

7. Q-tips for a Queen

In case you find yourself being emotional and some tears start to fall and you don’t want to ruin your eyeliner.

8. Makeup Remover

Buy a small pack of makeup remover wipes and keep them in the emergency kit. If you don’t use them you will have them for the honeymoon.

9. Blotting Paper

Because you can’t put baby powder or to much compact powder on your face. These little guys will do the trick without ruining your makeup. Shine and oil on your face will ruin your pictures and these guys will keep you safe and dry.

10. Tampons

Even if it is not that time of the month (and we hope it won’t be on your wedding day) someone else will surely need it. In all truth women have had a tampon on them since the day they started needing them, why not have one with you on your Big Day!

11. Foot Protection

This item is necessary for both the groom and the bride. It’s an important one, maybe even the most important one to remember to stock up on. Even if you have been wearing heels all of your life and are accustomed to the low level of comfort they give, you can’t deny that they are truly a pain in your, well foot! On your wedding day however the discomfort brought by your new shoes, that probably have never been worn by you until the wedding will be amplified dramatically! There will be dancing involved and standing all day! Make sure you have some sort of foot therapy on you. Foot treatment, Friction Stick, insoles for your shoes, there are numerous items on the market. Prevent blisters so you can dance the night away.

12. Extra Shoes

Since blisters are a high probability of showing up at your wedding with No Invite what so ever you can cheat and change shoes. This goes for both the groom and the bride. The truth is that the bride’s feet are covered by a long gown in most cases, even a puffy pretty dress, so changing won’t even be noticed by anyone. Wear the shoes your heart desires, but have a spare! Everyone will notice a limping bride on the dance floor. Why risk ruining your night with pain.

13. Slippery Shoes

Since most shoes are new for the bride and groom as we stated above, they are also slippery! There are a couple of tricks for this to keep in mind and in your emergency kit! 
Grip tape can help and you can even have some extra to help out some of your dancing guests. 
You can go old school and wear them on cement for a couple of minutes before the wedding to scratch off the smooth surface so they stop being slippery. If you do decide to ruff up the smooth surface of your soles make sure it will be after you take your “I Do” photos of the shoes. They won’t look as nice with the text all ruffed up.
Using sandpaper to ruff the surface of the shoes is another alternative.

14. Nail Polish

This item is very important because we know how women are with their nails. This item should be in the same shade as the nail polish you are wearing. Even if you have your nails gel done, something bad can still happen! You can cover that chip with some nail polish.
Have some clear top coat with you in case your stocking runs, so you can stop the rip.

15. Nail File

Need we say more? The last thing you could want is a chipped nail!

16. Mini First Aid Kit

This should include Band-Aids, burn relief, liquid bandages, and antiseptic: Safety first!

17. Medicine

Do not let a headache ruin your wedding or someone you love! Bring medicine (pain reliever, allergy medicine, antacid): Take precautions, they can attack at any moment—especially under stress.

18. Sunscreen

Even if the wedding is indoors the photos will be outside. Make sure to have this on hand. Depending on the climate, add bug spray for the same reason. Unscented for both.

19. Deodorant

The last thing you want is to leave an odor as you dance by your guest. Chances are, someone probably forgot to use it this morning.

20. Granola bars and/or Chocolate

The bride and groom rarely eat at their own wedding specially in the morning. Having something with sugar that will give you an energy boost will help you stay happy and fed. Nobody wants a hungry bride on their hands!

21. Straws

Since all wedding dress are light colored or white (which is not a color, we know) and you are human and will want to drink at your own wedding, this little item should be used so that the bride does not spill on herself. Slip slowly, alcohol through straws accelerates the influence of alcohol. Also the bride can stay hydrated without messing up her lipstick.

22. Super Glue

For fixing shoes, jewelry, and more.

23. Pen and paper

For last minute reminders, thank you notes, and secret messages between the bride and groom.

24. Breath Mints

So that the first kiss is minty fresh.

25. Stain remover pen

For spills and would-be stains on the dresses. (God forbid!)

26. White chalk

If something gets on the wedding dress and it just won’t come out, you can usually mask the stain with chalk.

27. Eye drops

Don’t let red eyes ruin your beauty prep! If you wear contacts, make sure to bring an extra pair, contact solution, and a case.

28. Bobby Pins and Hairspray

In case there is an emergency or one strand of the bride’s hair goes rogue, he will be put back in his place! 
*Also in case the elastic tiul on your dress stretches and it looks as it should not, apply hairspray and the material will stick to your skin so the dress looks perfect.

If you are lucky and these items remain unused because they were not needed, keep them and offer them to your next friend in line to get married, to help her out. Plus it seems really thoughtful of you. 
Another alternative would be to keep all these items and take them with you on your honeymoon.

There is a lot to keep in mind and a lot can be overlooked. It is perfectly normal, this is why we are here -to help.

Have a wonderful uneventful wedding day!

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